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Cool Whip is now partnering with Dancing with the Stars for a contest and want to see some of your best, or worst, dance moves! Send in a video and we’ll let the public decide who had the coolest moves. Through emails, social posts, and a website to check out, there’s no way you could miss out on this!


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Adobe After Effects, Mailchimp, WordPress


Concepting, Illustration, Photo Manipulation & Composition, Motion Design, Email Concepting & Deliveration

concept and inspiration:

For this project we were given the freedom to choose any brand we wanted and would hypothetically a budget of $50,000. Immediately I thought of Cool Whip, and using a play on “whip” for dance moves. As I looked for inspiration I found it in funky 70’s disco. Liking the use of checkered patterns and colored lines. While I knew disco could be quite much, I wanted to simplify it and add a little organic feeling, using a few of my hand-drawn illustrations as well as some doodles throughout.  


key visual:

I then came up with what would be my key visual, the thing people would see right away and would make them want to see more. I incorporated my illustrations, as well as some doodles and funky type. 

hero image

grand prize:

Our grand prize winner will receive two (2) tickets to Dancing with the Stars, as well as dancing lessons from one of their world-famous coaches. Plus a year supply of everyone’s favorite topping. Who could resist? 

main prizes

funky prizes:

If you don’t win the grand prize don’t get bummed, there’s still some other goodies you could get your hands on. 

funky prizes

Landing page:

Once I knew the aesthetic I was going for and had started piecing my different assets together, I envisioned what the Cool Whip Sweepstakes’s landing page would look like. I first created it in Adobe Photoshop, laying out what information I wanted where and why. First having the contest information right away in the beginning, to let people know what they would have to do and when the contest runs from. Then introducing the prizes, starting off with the grand prize, this will then build up anticipation for the contest. Once that anticipation is built up, we move onto the enter form with an easy submission. Moving onto Cool Whip’s social media and you can see other contestant’s video submissions. Finally ending with that legal information. 

finished site:

After finalizing the landing page on Photoshop, I switched over to WordPress to build out what that landing page would look like. The landing page ended up looking very similar to the photoshop rendering, with just a few adjustments as needed. Please check out the finished site!


This is a sweepstakes so we gotta do some promotion and get those video submissions. I created 3 different emails, the first being an introduction to the sweepstakes as well as focusing on the grand prize. For the second email, it was more focused on funky prizes, with a reminder to keep trying for the grand prize. Lastly, you’ve just won one of the funky prizes, claim your prize!

Email 1
Introduction to the sweepstakes and the grand prize!
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Email 2
A reminder email and focusing on the funky prizes!
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Email 3
You're a funky winner! Claim your prize!
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social media animation:

Using Adobe After Effects I created a short social post animation! Introducing the sweepstakes and keeping it consistent by using the same assets. 

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